TypeScript Function Decodes URL Parameters

Posted 11/14/2016 5:15 PM by Corey Klass

Angular 2 includes a Routing module that will automatically handle URL parameters that are implicitly passed in a URL.

If you're not using Angular Routing, or if you're passing additional parameters in the URL, you'll need to parse out the query string to retrieve the URL parameters.

Below is a TypeScript function that will return an object with key/value pairs that correspond to the URL parameters passed to a web page. You can optionally pass a query string to decode, or if you pass NULL/don't pass anything, the function will retrieve the query string from the URL of the current web page.

    // parses the query string
    parseQueryString(queryString?: string): any {
        // if the query string is NULL or undefined
        if (!queryString) {
            queryString = window.location.search.substring(1);

        const params = {};

        const queries = queryString.split("&");

        queries.forEach((indexQuery: string) => {
            const indexPair = indexQuery.split("=");

            const queryKey = decodeURIComponent(indexPair[0]);
            const queryValue = decodeURIComponent(indexPair.length > 1 ? indexPair[1] : "");

            params[queryKey] = queryValue;

        return params;